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Drapery Panels

Drapery panels are one of the easiest and quickest ways to make an impressive statement for your windows and your home. At Dante Hill, you can easily find and buy drapes for any room of your home in one convenient place at affordable prices. With many different styles of custom drapery panels and prepared draperies to choose from there are endless combinations to make a spectacular transformation.

Depending on your needs and the desired result, choose from Decorative Drapery Panels or fully functional draperies. Decorative Panels are typically stationary and are mainly decorative. Draperies are fully functional and made wide enough to open or close using rings or traversing drapery hardware.

All Drapery Panels are fabricated as single panels; to make a pair you need to order 2 panels


Rod Pocket Drapery Panels

Rod pocket panels are versatile, look beautiful and are easy to install


Back Tab Drapery Panels

Fabulous back tab drapery panels will give your windows a clean and tailored look


Grommet Drapery Panels

Modern and stylized, Grommet Panels offer a distinctively contemporary and casual look


Parisian Pleat Drapery Panels

This lovely pleated drapery panel brings a classic elegance and timeless look to your windows


Draperies and Panels add height to any room by accentuating the tops of your windows and drawing attention upwards. Our custom draperies are especially beautiful coupled with the different styles of our Decorative Hardware Collection or with our coordinating top treatments, including custom valances and cornices.

Coordinating Tie backs add another functional and decorative element to consider adding to your custom draperies. Tie backs will hold your drapery back to elegantly frame your view. Add a designer touch by upgrading your tiebacks with loop fringe or cording.

There are four common lengths to consider when ordering custom made draperies or decorative panels:

  1. Floor Length - refers to the drapery or panel just above the floor about 1/2 inch to 1 inch high. The floor length is most popular for functioning drapery treatments
  2. Trouser Break – this refers to the drapery or panel just touching the floor about 1-2 inches
  3. Puddling – refers to the additional fabric that pools out or puddles on the floor giving your drapery a luxurious and dramatic look. The puddled look is best suited for stationary panels
  4. Sill Length – refers to the drapery or panel hanging to the bottom of the sill on a window