Yoga Room & Meditation Room Ideas: Making your own yoga space at home

As our lives get busier and busier, more people are finding their sacred space at home to engage in practices like yoga, relaxation and meditation. Making your own space for yoga, meditation or relaxation has numerous benefits and being at home makes this practice even more accessible. A refreshing place to start your day, a quiet place to decompress at night or even a space for a midday retreat can benefit everyone. And let’s face it, these days just about everyone can use a little unwinding. Decorating a meditation room dedicated to yoga or relaxation takes thoughtful consideration and can offer abundant rewards. Designing this space correctly with a little forethought will make a big difference in the feel of your room and will ultimately reflect on how well this space works for you.

Choosing Your Room
If possible, try to choose a room or area with good natural light to fill the space with warming sunshine. Easily make the windows private and diffuse the light with sheer curtains, honeycomb shades or natural bamboo roman shades which will help bring the feeling of nature in. Fabric Roman shades are also popular choices allowing for many textures and colors. Use a screen or drapery panels to separate this new space from another part of a quiet room if you can’t dedicate an entire room to your practice.

Choosing the Details
Colors can determine the mood and effect spaces have on us and should be chosen carefully. You will be ultimately the one spending time in your sanctuary and will want to make sure the colors you choose reflect your personality, likes and tastes. That last thing you’d want is to desire a calming retreat and paint it a bold red, (which has the tendency to evoke a raging response in people even if on a subtle level), and feel irritated or anxious in a place designed for harmony and relaxation. Soft blues, greens and neutrals like creams and brown tones are ideal for yoga rooms and meditation rooms.
Textures like basket weave fabrics and crewel designs as well as the look of bamboo shades on the windows influence the feel of this important room. Rattan chairs and natural bamboo rugs are great choices in a room like this.

Scents, candles and essential oils are important elements to a meditation relaxation area. A table to display pictures of meaning, books or candles will prove to be useful as well.

Clear the clutter and keep the space organized to prevent clutter from becoming overwhelming and ultimately distracting from your true purpose for the room. Store supplies, blankets, mats and cushions neatly in baskets, shelves and in cabinets.

Decorate! This space doesn’t have to be empty or boring to bring your focus inward; artwork which invokes relaxation or is meaningful to your practice will be a nice personal welcoming touch to your relaxation room and encourage its use.

Window Treatment ideas for yoga and meditation rooms.
Your meditation room can be a great place to use various window coverings and dressings. Drapery panels or sheers can frame windows from an aesthetic view and diffuse light when pulled closed while keeping the room insulated in cooler months. Other great solutions for your yoga and meditation space which are as beautiful as functional and insulating are roman shades, bamboo roman shades with lining and honeycomb/cellular shades. If privacy and insulation are not an issue you can use bamboo style shades without the liner which, during the day, still allows for an outside view when lowered.

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