It’s Winter – Consider Insulating and Energy Efficient Window Treatments

Winter Window Scene

Insulating our homes has been on the top of everyone’s minds this Winter and with good reason. Record cold temperatures in some areas have prompted many to ask us how they can keep the cold air out and the warm air in. The whistling winter wind wrapping around our homes isn’t just a nuisance, it is costly for many homeowners trying to keep the chill out. We have wonderful solutions to help just about any window or doorway become more energy efficient.

Roman Shades
Roman shades are one of the most versatile and popular window coverings on the market, add that they can be very energy efficient and it is a top pick on our list of insulating window treatments. Roman shades are available in a number of different fabrics which can determine the amount of energy efficiency they provide. Dante Hill has an option to use a thermal liner with our roman shades increasing the insulating qualities and providing an additional barrier against the elements. Many of our customers love the roman shades because they function up and down like other window shades but can offer increased insulation and be a decorative statement for any room in your house. Roman shades come in several styles and are available with the top-down bottom-up option and a variety of lift controls. Some roman shade styles are available with the cordless operating feature which is wonderful on Patio or French doors.

Drapery Panels
Drapery panels have been a time tested and proven barrier against the elements. An excellent option for sliding doors and windows of any type, drapery panels are another decorative and versatile solution. Multiple header options like the Parisian Pleat, Back Tab and Grommet Styles to name a few, as well as several drapery lining options including our insulating favorite, the thermal lining, are available. Add a cornice board on top or some other type of valance and then you’ll be on your way to sealing up the house in style and saving your money for a rainy day!

Honeycomb/Cellular Shades
honeycomb shades viewHoneycomb shades, also known as Cellular shades, are an excellent choice because they are designed to trap air in between the cells or honeycombs of the shade providing an insulating barrier minimizing the outside temperatures from entering through the window shade and into your home. Likewise, this insulating barrier is instrumental in preventing the warm air inside your home from escaping. The great thing about the honeycomb shades is they do the same thing in warmer weather by trapping the cool conditioned air inside and the heat of the day outside, again forming a barrier against the temperatures. This makes the honeycomb shade a great way to treat your windows all year round.

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