Kitchen Window Shades & Treatments for Function and Style

Kitchen Window Shades and Blinds

The kitchen is a functional room and serves as a place to prepare our foods, nourish ourselves and our families as well as providing a gathering place for friends and family. Nowadays our functional kitchen space is also architecturally enhanced with layers of function and aesthetically pleasing details and design. The kitchen can be a favorite place for the kids to do homework or to grab a quick cup of coffee while catching the morning news on kitchen flat screen TV before leaving for work. Holidays encourage a lot more time to be spent in the kitchen and the adjoining rooms like the morning room or family rooms while we’re preparing foods and entertaining our guests. The kitchen has transformed from simply a place to prepare and cook foods to an additional entirely different kind of living space. For this reason, choosing the right decorative and functional window treatments in this multi-faceted room is important.

Light control and glare reduction are important considerations, however most people want to maintain as much natural light as possible in the kitchen area. Finding this nice balance is easy depending on your needs. Privacy in the kitchen may not be top priority but if you can’t bear to wash the dishes in front of the window over the sink as sun beats in, it is time to think about a window covering. If your kitchen receives a lot of sun it can increase the temperature and turn your kitchen into an oven itself, again making it an uncomfortable place to be. Solar shades, horizontal blinds, honeycomb shades or roman shades and woven shades are all wonderful choices.

Window shades such as roman shades or woven shades provide privacy and light control when needed and look beautiful raised or lowered. Solar shades come down when needed and allow view through to the outdoors when down but reduces solar glare and heat penetrating into the room.

Horizontal Blinds, whether natural wood or vinyl, offer an added architectural effect. The white tones compliment kitchen cabinets and furniture; as do the beautifully stained wood or vinyl blinds. Adding decorative tapes, which hide the string ladders, presents another point of decoration.

Honeycomb shades offer a less expensive covering to kitchen windows, while providing light control and excellent insulating qualities. The cell sizes provide even more choices as do the great variety of colors. Another possibility is to choose the top down, bottom up feature which allows the shade to be lowered from the top only or raised up from the bottom only.

All these window shades and coverings can be topped by lovely fabric valances and/ or side panels. These make the kitchen homey and inviting.

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